Cripple Bastards / Carcass Grinder 7″


release date:

Spring 1997


Giulio the Bastard – vocals
Alberto the Crippler – guitar
Michele Hoffman – drums
Label: Upground Records
recorded in November 1994

  • 1. Milicija Die!!
  • 2. Prospettive Limitate
  • 3. Prejudices & Walls
  • 4. Watching Through My Chaos
  • 5. Danas Je Dan Ze Lijencine
  • 6. More Restrictions, Why?

The first, dramatic CB work at “Acqualuce” studio – nearby Torino. This EP was recorded on the day of the 2nd most destructive flood of the 20th century here in Italy. Due to the frequent black-outs, we had to play and mix the songs in a hurry, during the short intervals when electricity was coming back.
As written on the record-insert:   “This stuff was recorded on the day the river Tanaro flooded our town Asti and a big part of the surrounding areas. Unfortunately it didn’t wash away all the shit we have to see everyday. Here nothing can be changed, prejudices are immortal, people are walls. Small town mentality is blind and rigid, under their eyes we’re just useless wastes. Please, flood us again, but next time destroy everything, leave all dead!!
These 6 tracks were raw but effective versions of our best classics of that period, later re-recorded on “Your lies in check”. The EP includes our first “Prospettive limitate” made in a studio, diehard CB fans know how this song has become important and recognized thru the years…. Sound-engineer Tino Paratore was the drummer of the local HC act called Church Of Violence and later of Acredine + Indigesti. This was the only time we worked with him and it came out with a peculiar result, quite oustanding in the CB discography.

> released in 1996, UPG 007, 1000 copies, no re-presses, no ltd. editions on colored wax
> 1 A4 insert (handnumbered) featuring CB lyrics/infos and a Carcass Grinder photo on the back


Milicija die!!
Every year, in Yugoslavia,
too many victims are abused by the “authority”.
Why must people work everyday,
and see this legalized violence in the streets?

This one’s been written several years ago,when I was 14.
Statements are very simple and elementary, so I feel necessary to add
some important points. “Milicija die” is a song against “Milicija”,
the Yugoslavian police. I wrote it before the war which few years later
divided the Cro-Serbian territories. At the time “Milicija” was
the police-force of the whole country, today that name has been kept
for the Yugoslavian area (Serbia), while in Croatia-Slovenia
it’s called “Policija”. Of course it’s still the same old shit, a bunch
of violent and ignorant assholes. The song was written because I had
witnessed some horrible facts; Milicija’s brutality and intolerance
had totally shocked me. People arrested and thrashed without a reason,
abuses and rudeness at the purest form… I know, this kind of shit is
still happening today, and not only there. Police is everywhere kept
as a solid institution to terrorize/paralyse the masses, it’s the voice
of the Government, the voice of the masters… Integrating yourself into
the system, you automatically feed/give power to a group of frustrated
beasts, there just to beat you, your family, your friends….

Tu, porco egoista
incastrato nella noia dei tuoi piccoli valori,
ingrassato dal privilegio di essere schiavo,
preferisci esser scannato piuttosto che reagire.
E non pensi che qualcuno abbia diritto a vivere,
lontano dagli sporchi pregiudizi
di un infimo “proletario” merdoso come te.
É sempre rose e fiori per un inutile codardo
marcire dietro il ciclo sistematico
di una catena di montaggio?
Vivi per difendere un massacratissimo stipendio.
Muori con alle spalle il vuoto più completo.

People are walls…
walls symbolizing ignorance and prejudices;
radically separated from us – neglecting our pain.
Dishonesty and lies are everywhere…
fantastic, inevitable standards subliminally introduced
in every kind of human relationship.
People are walls… walls trapping our freedom.
Prejudices are their wapons
and we are immobilized targets.
We, a weak/frangible minority
walking on rotten roots.
We, the collapsing cages,
surrounded by arrows pointed at our hearts.
Prejudices and walls.
Fierce eyes, raising affliction.
Prejudices and walls.
A nest incubating my death.

It’s deadly and empty,
fogbanks on a highway…where my life is a car
without lights and brakes driven at full speed
by a confused mind.
Inactivity is my endless masturbation,
too many things to do – unable to give’em
the right order and choose where to start.
I’m a child – lost in my universe, a mixture
of creative ideas and frustrating schemes.

“Sunday” is your freedom.
They concede you a miserable truce,
take it as the sweetest present life can give.
6 days of monotony, humiliations,
sheer submission. How can you accept it??
How can you fit the rules of a game
where “money” is the perpetual winner
and you’re just a worthless pawn arranged
on its draughtboard…??
Profit, career, social climb. Send your freedom
to the gallows, take the rope and fuck it again.
Slaves chained to assembly lines, offices,
bent over desks, glued to TV screens…
“Sunday” will be their compensation,
horses waiting for the sugarplums.
Sunday tradition is their happiness.
Sunday you can be lazy, wake up late,
watch your fave programs,
fuck your partner to the bone…
ignoring that while you do it there’s someone
standing on your back, ready to stick 6 fingers
in your stripped ass.
“Zajebat ljudi – to je znacenje tvog zivota”

A dark threat assaulting my life again,
time has come to wear a uniform and obey…
It’s the worst phase of their systemized repression,
It’s a psychophisical indoctrination…
a dark threat insulting my rights again.
– Carried away, eyes filled with pain,
what have I done for having so much to pay?
after 21 years of corrosive disdain…
more restrictions, why?
– Carried away, eyes filled with pain,
stuck in the grip of your military chain,
death from the hands of another system’s prey…
..It’s a calculated doom.