New Cripple Bastards’ full colored patches

New Cripple Bastards’ full colored patches officially printed by Left Hand Patches are available now via !!
• “Massacrecore” patch (10×13,5cm) ORDER HERE:…
• “Your lies in check” patch (9,5×9,5cm) ORDER HERE:…
• “Live to hate people” patch (9,5×9,5cm) ORDER HERE:…

“La fine cresce da dentro” is out NOW!

Cripple Bastards’ 7th album “La fine cresce da dentro” is out TODAY on Relapse Records !! This record sums up all what we have built in 3 decades of hate-filled grindcore.. 18 songs blasting at relentless speed, rage screamed straight in the face through the typical CB song-writing that combines influences from different styles. Get it now on LP or CD following this link Limited bundles with exclusive t-shirt and poster are available via

New Full-lenght album “La fine cresce da dentro” out on 9/nov 2018

We are proud to announce our seventh full-length album, La Fine Cresce Da Dentro (Meaning “The End Is Growing From Within”) will be due out on November 9th 2018 on CD, LP, and digital through Relapse Records.

“Recorded at the legendary Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, Dark Tranquility), La Fine Cresce Da Dentro delivers eighteen tracks of inconceivable speed and brutality surpassing even their previous work. Over three decades in, the CRIPPLE BASTARDS outfit shows no signs of slowing down and continues to destroy unsuspecting eardrums with hate-filled, grind punk chaos!”

The outside world boxset out now!

Here we are, at last: time for the end-year FOAD release… nothing else than the longly awaited F.O.A.D. 100!! Even if we are already at nr. 137 (Battle Attacker) we kept our 100th release in standby for something special and somehow very close to us. This gigantic effort has been in the making for years and it’s backed by a maniacal work both as far as it concerns the sound mastering and the colossal layout/graphics. It also marks the beginning of the thirtieth anniversary of a band that has kept the Grindcore flag alive and strong since 1988 never breaking up, never going down to any compromise, remaining violent, hostile and extreme from its inception up to now. You know what we’re talking about… Italy’s “purest personification of hate“, the CRIPPLE BASTARDS! Here’s their longly awaited singles collection boxset, a monsterwork including 5 x LPs, 2 x CDs and 2 x books! So… preorders for CRIPPLE BASTARDS “The Outside World” BOXSET are up now!

Some important notes: the release date for this is set for December 23rd 2017. Please be aware that the Italian postal service through the Xmas/New Year rush can be very slow, so don’t be surprised if delivery times will be a bit longer or if we’ll eventually decide to ship your order after the Xmas/New Year chaos.

Just be patient and we’ll give you full assistance as always.

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New song online!

NEW CRIPPLE BASTARDS TRACK “Ombra nell’ombra”!! First recording ever with the new line-up featuring Raphael Saini on drums. Taken from the upcoming ultra-limited 23 song flexi disc 7″ on FOAD Records that will be exclusively available at our Japanese shows in September 2016!


japan tour flyers

Here the Japan tour flyers for the Cripple Bastards Japan tour 2016: September 17th Tokyo KURAWOOD 18th Nagoya Huck Finn 19th Osaka Hokage 20th Fukuoka Keith Flack 21st Okayama Crazy Mama 1 22nd Yokohama El Puente.

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