CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Life’s built on thoughts” LP (expanded version)

CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Life’s built on thoughts” LP (expanded version) is coming up in July 2024 on F.O.A.D. Records! More than 30 years later, here’s the official reissue of C.B.’s first full EP originally released in 1993 on A-Wat Records. CRIPPLE BASTARDS deliver some of their most classic tunes on this debut slasher, upgrading their ability to mix their grind/noise roots with hyper-distorted ’80s punk influences. Remastered from the original 1st generation tapes and enhanced by 8 bonus out-takes from the same session!

“..the ultimate personification of unadulterated rage. 16 bursts of primitive angst. Raw, uncompromising hatred is seething from the cracks of every track. Musically, it’s homespun, basement Punk that explodes into unpredictable bursts of pure, trillion-m.p.h. Noise.” (CHRIS DODGE, Flipside, 1993). 12″ with silk screened art on B-side and foldout insert with lyrics. Here’s our trailer to announce it, details about preorders will be available in a few weeks.