Cripple Bastards – “Negativity to scan your mind”


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LABEL: E.U.’91 Produzioni
Giulio the Bastard – vocals
Alberto the Crippler – guitar
Paolo Arturo – drums
Eduardo ‘o’ Brazil – bass


1) Intro + Being ripped off
2) Paranoiac
3) Ragman
4) I hate her
5) Radije volim…
6) Lotta per il potere (Kollettivo)
7) What I thought
8) Get out and bite them
9) 1974
10) Watchin’ through my chaos
11) A dispetto della discrezione
12) Invito alla riservatezza / Come è falso dio
13) Pastete (Buka)
14) Intro + Fuck politics (The Scroungers)
15) Mass media (Indigesti)
16) Sexist society… must destroy it!
17) Stimmung
18) Padania di merda
19) Authority?
20) Asti punx
21) Necrospore
22) Too late

Songs 1-6 recorded live in Lubijana (Slo), “Metelkova” – open air June 1997. Songs 7-8 recorded live at the refugees-camp in Krsko (Slo) – Open air June ’97. Songs 9-13 recorded live in Udine (Italia), “Treblinka” squat September 1996. Songs 14-22 recorded live in Udine (Italia), “Treblinka” squat May 1997

1) Prospettive limitate
2) Sexist society… Must destroy it!
3) Mass media (Indigesti)
4) Polizia, una razza da estinguere
5) 1974
6) Authority?
7) Asti punx
8) Images of war / Images of pain
9) September, 18th 1993
10) Spero venga la guerra (Wretched)
11) Italia di merda
12) Vital dreams
13) Images of war / Images of pain
14) September, 18th 1993
15) Spero venga la guerra (Wretched)
16) Italia di merda
17) Stimmung
18) Sexist society… Must destroy it !
19) Asti punx
20) 1974
21) Bane
22) Outo maa (Terveet Kädet) Reh. in the studio ‘96.

Songs 1-7 and 13-17 recorded live at “El Paso occupato”, Torino, March 1996. Songs 8-9 recorded live at “Prinz Eugen” squat, Torino, March 1996. Songs 10-12 and 18-21 recorded live at the “2 days of struggle” HC Festival, Padova, April 1996

Top-notch selection of live cuts recorded in 1996-1997, when CB started to play around a lot more than before. Side A features the entire “Live to hate people” 3″CD stuff, Side B collects songs used on the “Massacrecore” live ep + extras from the same shows + as final track our unreleased version of Terveet Kädet’s “Outo maa” recorded reh. in the studio as we were practicing for an upcoming 7″.

44 songs on a C-60, twosided xeroxed cover, some on black, some on yellow paper.
Only 100 copies done.
This was mainly a promo-tape meant to be sent out as master-source to get further CB diy tapes around.

Parts of it have been used by A.L.P. Tapes (Sweden) for the CB / Mass Separation split, Convex Records (Japan) for the CB / Cunt’n’Bananaaz/Fishy 3 Way, Impregnate Prod. (Czech) for the CB / Nuclear Grinder / Mastic Scum 3 way, Skirocore (Slovenia) for the unauthorized CB / Agathocles – split tape pt.2 (only few cps around), Favela Records (Brazil) for the CB / Stupid Patriotism – split tape.

Repressed in 2013 by F.O.A.D. Records with the same layout and artwork.