Cripple Bastards / Social Genocide 7″


release date:



Giulio the Bastard – vocals
Alberto the Crippler – guitar
Michele Hoffman – drums + bass
Label: A.D.P. Records


  • 1. T.L.O.H.
  • 2. Isto é Olho Seco (Olho Seco)
  • 3. Irenic
  • 4. Radije Volim…
  • 5. Asti Punks
  • 6. Huutoja (Varaus)

Features the very first CB attempt to record in a studio. ATC’s guitar
(goin’ direct to the mixer even there!) had the most disturbing, high-frequency distortion ever made, and was amalgamated with a clean, non-distorted bass recorded by our drummer Michele Hoffman…
Actually the vinyl pressing couldn’t keep some high frequencies that could be heard playing the master reel. Almost no band ever dared to use such a terrific guitar sound (often compared to an electric razor), but it fitted perfectly the CB’s rawpunk approach of that period, expecially on the highly successful Olho Seco and Varaus covers. This was recorded before “Frammenti di vita” but released after that and was the first & only vinyl output of ADP Rec.,
a local label run by our friend Lallo (El Paso activist at those times).
Once more, the front-cover photo portrays the atmosphere of bloodshed and despair in the ex-Yugoslavian area.

> released in 1994, no cat. # mentioned, 1000 copies. no re-presses, no ltd editions on colored wax
> 1 xeroxed insert enclosed with a couple CB statements in italian and
$.G. lyrics
> recorded in December 1993 at Dracma studios, Torino


(never edited before this website! written by GTB in 1988)

Goin’ up my factory’s stairs
with a fake smile on my face.
Here I am the only free man
the master of all these slaves.
Yes, I am the lord of hell,
life’s boundaries hold in my hands. On sale
Goin’ up my factory’s stairs
thinkin’ about myself.
Here my word is the only law
their future – shit in my pants.
Yes, I am the lord of hell,
life’s boundaries hold in my hands. On sale

(originally written by Olho Seco, find the lyrics on their records!)

Indulgent curiosity, unintentional ability…
Acceptable paradoxes, telepathic sex…
Booth of sadness, answer to all my problems…

Preferisco star solo piuttosto che con qualcuno che mente,
vive per fregare costantemente tutti.
Preferisco star solo, non far massa con la vostra isteria.
Preferisco star solo piuttosto che mercificare il mio “essere io”,
diventare come voi una parte di niente.
Preferisco star solo, negativo,
chiuso a ogni contatto.

I’d rather be alone than with someone who lies,
lives to rip everybody off all the time.
I’d rather be alone, not mingle with your hysteria.
I’d rather be alone than sell my “being myself”,
than becoming like you – part of nothing.
I’d rather be alone, negative,
shut off to every contact.

Protest’s not a mode

(originally written by Varaus, find the lyrics somewhere else!)