Cripple Bastards / Violent Headache 7″


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release date:

Spring 1993


LINE-UP: (as it figures on the record insert)
Giulio the Bastard – vocals
Alberto the Crippler – guitar
Michele Hoffman – drums
Label: Psychomania Records



1-Useful/Useless 2-Conceptual indistinction 3-Zakljucenje 4-Look in your dish 5-Toxic sex 6-Without a shadow of justice 7-Shame of you 8-Ecological carnage 9-Flagged pain 10-Fucked… original expressions 11-Standing violent 12-Civilized torment 13-Resumption! 14-Thick-glasses division 15-HC funeral 16-Incurableness of a stigmatization 17-Sick of pleasure 18-I.H.P. 19-Far from my best friends 20-Self-instruction 21-Against the stream 22-Stealthy loneliness 23-Rending aphthous fevers 24-What can be … 25-Animal-respect 26-Outside World 27-Stylized fear 28-A sort of repulsion called “intelligence” 29-My last hours 30-Windows 31-Mortuary slab 32-Irenic 33-Rigid freedom 34-Sincere smiles 35-Act like a rose 36-Psychosexuality 37-Breathing for fun 38-Something wrong 39-Equality? 40-Alternative-dressed puppets 41-Turn the corner 42-Sarcastic gloom 43-Allegorical masturbations 44-I dare you.

> No lyrics available (some of them can be found on E.U. demotapes, some got lost way back).
> Released in 1993, PMR 013. 1000 copies, no re-presses, no ltd editions on colored wax.
> 2 inserts enclosed, a front/back page with bands’ infos + a Psychomania ad page.
> Recorded in 1991, mastered and released two years later.

44 song ultraviolent Noisecore onslaught over any barrier of ferocity and speed.This was mainly influenced by early A.C., 7 MON and SORE THROAT. Recorded in a room of the legendary gristmill where CB were occasionally practicing (since ’88), using ATC grandma’s cassette recorder. A little secret: the insert of the record states that Michele was playing drums on those tracks, in reality it was another drummer (can’t mention the name) that made only this and then suddenly quit. The session was organized just for having a couple good songs to use on the “Son of blleeeaauuurrgh” comp. 7″ (Slap A Ham) but later – in ’92, when we got Psychomania’s offer to put a split ep out and had no money to afford any kind of studio recording, we chose to make a good editing of the trax from that session and put’em all on the record. The V.H. split remains the most extreme and antimusical CB vinyl ever.