Cripple Bastards / W.B.I. 7”


release date:



Giulio the Bastard – vocals
Alberto the Crippler – guitar
Michele Hoffman – drums

LABEL: Useless Records


  • 1. Paranoiac
  • 2. Without a shadow of justice
  • 3. Round table
  • 4. T.L.O.H.
  • 5. War spoils
  • 6. Bane
  • 7. Frightened, neglected
  • 8. What I thought

Due to a mistake in reversing the songs on the reel-track, the final master came out much slower than how it was originally recorded. Even if the record plays at 33 rpm, the right speed is around 40 rpm, so listening to it at 45 rpm gives a better result. CB on this were moving to a more structured Grind formula even if songs were no longer than 1 minute. GTB’s vocal-style was heavily inspired by Fear Of God. Recorded at Michele Hoffman’s practice-room connecting few mikes to a mixer going into a cassette deck. CB’s cover of the ep has the photo of a Croatian soldier walking across a field of slaughtered Serbian victims, referring to the ’92 massacres in ex Yugoslavian territories.

> Recorded in 1993
> Released in late 1993, USE – 101. 500 copies on black wax, no re-presses.
> Rated as the most hard to find CB ep.
> No insert enclosed


You told that I’m a paranoiac

‘cos I’m a person who lives on stressing joints,

‘cos there’s nothing I love in this fuckin’ world,

so you told that my brain is psychologically insane…

Open your ears fuckin’ asshole,

I rather choose the way of an insane paranoiac

than follow a plastic society again and again…

my hate against conformity is an unaffected feeling!!

I rather choose the way of an insane paranoiac…

I rather choose the way of an insane paranoiac…

Yesterday I sat on this ground, waiting for a reconciliatory look.

I waited… in the hope of seeing it.

(But my optimistic enthusiasm was broken off…)

Without a shadow of justice.

When “someone” will call down his revenge,

upon these grey, rotting walls…

(…your innocent world will break down)

I’m waiting, in the hope of seeing him.

Without a shadow of justice.

Catch this message, continue my silent war.

There’s a round table against something

that can hurt their stupid world.

It’s time to put our cards on that table….

(never edited before this website! written by GTB in 1988)

Goin’ up my factory’s stairs

with a fake smile on my face.

Here I am the only free man

the master of all these slaves.

Yes, I am the lord of hell,

life’s boundaries hold in my hands. On sale

Goin’ up my factory’s stairs

thinkin’ about myself.

Here my word is the only law

their future – shit in my pants.

Yes, I am the lord of hell,

life’s boundaries hold in my hands. On sale

Ulcerative deletion… Petrochemical tears.

Concentration of rebel spontaneity

absorbed in the accusatory crowd.

War spoils.

(never edited before this website!

written by GTB & yugoslavian kids back in the ’80s!)

Bane Mitevski, stize junaka iz Kumanovo.

Bane = frka, Bane = Kumanovo.

Bane nam je dao obecanije jednog dana

necu se tuci, necu piti

Isti dan prebijo je neki mladi Siptar

zbog limenku piva

i zavrsijo kod pandura!!

de si Bane, ima jos masu Siptara da gazis

Kumanovo, frka, osveta. Vrati se junak

vrati se nam stari drugar – nasa borba nema kraju

Bane = frka, Bane = Kumanovo.

You can’t leave your triumphant enemies,

you try to fight them with the handle of a knife.

Resigned. Your regression.

Exhibitionist ego. Your infantilism.

Far away from me, perhaps this is the best solution.

Drown in the abyss of your mediocrities,

return to life as a loser – smile lazily at your “rebel” past…

Disappear into the crowd that not long ago you hated and accused,

but which, after all, isn’t so different from you…

You’re deeply attracted,

a new existence falling into same old routines.

Foreseeable actions, you’re nothing without them.

It doesn’t run in your veins / can’t be assimilated by your mind.


Lacking enthusiasm and individuality,

feel the usefulness of “being against”,

disappear in a non-protesting crowd.

Punk seen as a childish fashion. Museum-freak